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Friday, November 12, 2010

Hawaii and Family

Nicki and I had a fantastic Hawaiian vacation this past week, and, thanks to my parents, we got to go without the kids. So what do we do in Hawaii without the kiddos?
Here is what I do:

And, here is what Nicki does:

No just kidding. The surf was way up when we were there and we had the chance to see (and photograph) the professionals ride some big waves.
Speaking of rides, this little gecko clambered out from underneath the hood of our rental car and onto our windshield while going 45 mph. Don't worry, I took the photo after we stopped.

Upon reaching home, we found that Kaya had progressed to a point where she was reading to unicorns.

Meanwhile, Leo had regressed to sitting in baby walkers.

We also returned to find that the snow had finally claimed the valley. Here are my much relieved parents (no more kid duty) enjoying a walk with us before their flight. Thanks Mom and Dad for the wonderful vacation.