Eagle River Weather

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Camping, Catan, and Siblings

More wildlife sightings. This time from the safety of the yurt. You can barely see Leo in the front doing a moose dance.

Nicki just went on a well deserved 4 day sea kayaking trip. Here she is, on the left, lounging by a block of ice with a couple of fellow paddlers (Barb and Jenny).

While she was out camping on her trip, I took the kids out on our first camping trip of the year with our good friends the Taygans. Here is Kaya hanging out by the fire with Will and Lucile.

A sunny May made for a good time on an Eagle River gravel bar.

As Kaya gets more mobile, (she is walking now) she and Leo are finding more and more things to do together. I don't usually know exactly what they are doing but here they are in Kaya's toy box.

Two other "stay at home" dads (Roger and Bill) and I hiked our first mountain of the year, Harp.

We recently made some improvements to the yurt puzzle by making the windows and skylight yellow for an illuminated look and trying out a sunset sky.

And finally, as a diversion from puzzle making, I made this wooden Settlers of Catan board. The border pieces snap together with magnets embedded into the wood.

Hopefully I'll get to use it in the next day or so.

Happy June everyone.