Eagle River Weather

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Mud

We have had a long mild fall with a lot of rain.  It's brought on a leaky roof, a lot of mud and some good times.  Here is Kaya after winning 2 medals at a recent cross-country race.
 The dogs have been enjoying some pull time.  Here are Sunny and Taxi after a nice muddy run.

Here is a closer look at Leo the Mud Monster.
Federico has been hard to capture on film lately with his busy football and school schedule.  His team is in the state finals this weekend and he's pretty excited.
I went on my first moose hunting trip.  We didn't see many live moose, but we came upon a few already dead ones.
An early snowfall lead to some unexpected fun.  The kids just couldn't wait to go play in it when we they woke up in the morning.
The still golden leaves led to some cool trees with interesting color combinations.
  I got to go on my earliest season ski day ever and made some pretty fun tundra turns.
All this fun eventually melted away and now we're in a holding pattern for more.  Cross your fingers.