Eagle River Weather

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rafting, Rafting, and Racing

We dusted off the raft a few weeks ago.  Traditionally we take it out on Mirror Lake first to make sure everything is in working order.  Here is Leo rowing his sister and a couple of friends around.  Goggles are a must.
 Leo is also here to demonstrate proper raft-propelled water skiing.
Taking other families down rivers is one of the highlights of owning a boat.  The Taygans are one of our regulars.  Will and I are here enjoying a selfie on a sunny day in Alaska.
We did our first rafting/camping trip on Eagle River.  The always ready to go Gorskis were our guests on this trip.  There are a lot of great gravel bars on this river and this camping spot is about 8 miles from our house.
Here is Kaya accusing a guilty Tristan of something.  Probably splashing to much water with that paddle.
Nicki and Tristan moving gear at the take out.  There can be a lot of logistics getting 4 adults and 5 kids down a river, but it's always worth it!
Leo and I had a great time finishing our first Triathlons.   Kaya and Nicki say they want to do it next year.  What a great sport and good excuse for exercise and family fun.