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Monday, May 26, 2014

Where has all the Blogging Gone

 Sorry, as usual, it's been a long time since I put a blog post up.  A lot has been going on in the last 6 months.  Leo and Kaya had an Easter Mushing race and got to dress up. 

Kaya was snow white

 Leo was a Bunny Dinosaur thing
 We have had a fabulously sunny spring and Summer.  It was even sunny and calm in Whittier, this never happens.  We took advantage and had a wonderful beach day.
 Loe and Kaya in Alaska garb enjoying some rocks by the beach.
 Leo and Kaya found something interesting beneath the viewing deck at the Nature Center.
 Last ski day this summer was May 13.  Didn't make it to Solstice this year but it was still a great spring ski.
 Kaya found some Hooligan on our recent dipnetting expedition.  She named this one Tiny.