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Friday, July 6, 2012

Spencer Glacier

Spencer Glacier has been on our to do list for awhile.  There are no roads in so, in order to get to it you need to take the train which makes a whistle stop about a mile down stream from the glacier.  Here are Kaya and Leo enjoying the view from the train.
 After a buggy walk through the woods, you end up at the lake at the terminus of the glacier.  There are huge bits of ice floating around and some smaller ones too that the kids were able to play with.
Did I mention it was buggy?  With the aid of Oma and Opa power, we packed in all of our gear and spent the night.  Out in the open it wasn't bad but once you got into the trees the bugs were pretty ferocious.  Here is Kaya in full anti-mosquito gear.  By the next morning, that eye on the right was just about swollen shut from a mosquito bite.
 Here is a view of the glacier from camp.  We hiked out to it on the left side.
 Here is the whole family out on the glacier.
Cool blue ice.
The seagulls really liked perching on top of this ice chunk out in the lake.  It was the tallest one out there.
 Leo and I have been getting into rocket launching.  We made our own launch pad and ignition switch.  Here is Leo watching as one of the random kids watching gets a turn at the controls.
Good times.