Eagle River Weather

Friday, March 19, 2010

Family Skiing, Sunny Yurt, and Leo News

Having two adults around the house has done wonders for our ski time. Even Leo has begun taking a great liking to the sport. Here is the whole family (Kaya is in the front carrier on Nicki) out on a local ski trail.

The weather has been gorgeous lately. Sunny, warm a only a slight breeze here and there. We are quickly losing our snow and the drive way is turning into a slushy mess. The mounds of snow in the front of the yurt are from shoveling the stuff off the deck all winter.

Here are the Schneider ladies enjoying the warm sunshine. You can see the windows of the yurt hanging on the railing. It has been nice to air the place out after being sealed up from the cold for the past 4 months.

Leo is taking a great liking to his sister. Here he is helping out by giving her a binky.

We have decided Leo is Alaska's version of Huck Finn. Get some shoes on those feet, boy!

It is marshmallow roasting season again so we dug out the fire pit and Leo could not be happier!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kaya One Month Photos and The Iditarod.

To demonstrate Kaya's rate of growth this first year we will be taking monthly photos of her next to a stuffed animal. We did this with Leo too. Here is Kaya's one month photo.

The proud papa!

The Iditarod began this past weekend and we were there with a number of other families to see them off. You may remember this post from last year when we did a similar outing. http://movingtoak.blogspot.com/2009/03/ididarod-and-puzzles.html
This year the weather broke for a day and we had sunny skies, lots of food, and many friends to enjoy the experience with. Here is one of the teams heading down the trail.

Leo didn't pay much attention to the dogs but he had a lot of fun eating, shoveling snow, and pushing the chariot around with his friend.

We were able to keep Kaya plenty warm while hanging out in the 20 degree slightly breezy weather.

We also had a tent to get out of the weather and nurse.

Here is photo of Nicki and Kaya giving a musher a high 5.

The phrase for the day, "GO, DOGS! GO!"

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Baby Routine, Kaya Faces, and a Weird Brother

We have been getting into the swing of things with baby Kaya. We have been thrown back into diaper changes, feedings, and constant soothing. Despite extra hospital trips the second one has been an easier lifestyle adjustment than the first. Here is Nicki multitasking by reading a book to two kids while nursing Kaya at the same time.

So far She has been a great sleeper.

Also true to form, we have been slacking on taking pictures of the second child. Yesterday we made an extra effort to capture some Kaya moments.
Here is our beautiful walleyed baby. Don't worry girl, they will straighten out eventually.

Cheeky little thing is already making faces at us.

Does she look a little nervous in this photo?

Well, you would be too if Leo was your brother.