Eagle River Weather

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Beginnings

Summer is in full swing here now.  We are loving Nicki's new part time schedule and are getting out as much as possible.  Nicki has had some time to pursue her art work again.  Here are a couple of paintings she made for her mom on Mother's Day.
It's getting more difficult to get the dogs out because of the warmer temperatures we have been experiencing.  Every once in awhile the mornings are cool enough for them to pull the scooter around for a couple of miles.
 Leo finished another year of scouts and is excited to be moving into his Bear year in the fall.
 We've been hiking a lot already.  Here is Kaya on top of Mt Baldy.
I'm still squeaking in ski trips, though they are getting more difficult as the snow dwindles.  I snuck in this bowl (to the right of the tallest peak, Round Top) which I've been staring at from Leo's School yard for the past 3 years.
 Oma and Opa are here for awhile.  We went on an epic bike ride with them that included stops at parks, restaurants, ice cream shops and 25 miles of riding.
Kaya finally managed to get the training wheels off.  Here favorite thing to do is leave skid marks on the road in front of the house.