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Monday, February 13, 2012

Empty Yurts and New stuff

We are officially out of the yurt. Before we left we were treated to a northern lights display that could easily be seen from our loft out the top dome. Pretty cool.

Kaya rocking the curls and construction princess look amid the chaos of packing.

The empty yurt.

Not to worry, our yurt adventure is not over as we will be moving it to our new place this summer.
Here is a picture of Nicki going out for a late night mushing run in some really cold weather.

Here is a photo of our new place.

We love the wood interior. It is actually arranged a lot like the yurt. The master bedroom is a loft over the kitchen and looking out over the living area.

A photo taken from across the valley really shows the barn shape of the house.

A few more new things: Leo has found a new love for drawing. We can't get him to stop.

And, not even a week into moving into the new place, Nicki has a new dog.

Meet Quill, named after a run in with a porcupine. She is already proving to be a great puller as well as being super nice dog.