Eagle River Weather

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wecome Back Yurt

This Alaskan family has a yurt again.  We have been working on the permitting since April and it has all finally come together.  Here are some photos of the set up.
Raising the ring and rafters.
All the rafters in.
The wind came up at just the wrong time but we still managed to get it all down.
The finished the yurt.  Now we just need to work on the inside for the next who knows how long.
In dog news, we have our 5th.  His name is Hank and he is super good with kids and a super good puller.
 We have the yurt up, a fifth dog, and a muddy Kaya........
 .....bring on the snow.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Yurt Deck

  I was lucky enough to have my parents come out for a week and in that time we had lots of rain, 80 mile an hour winds, and somehow managed to get a yurt deck built.  Here are a few images of the progression of building it. 
Here are the pier blocks and the beams that hold up the floor joists.
 Next we added blocking between the supports and built the base for a small deck out the front.
 Since I knew it was going to be rainy, I bought this gigantic tarp to cover the deck when we were not working on it.
 We laid down a 30 foot diameter sub-deck to hold in the insulation from below the floor joists.
 Here are the floor joists.
 Putting in the insulation and laying the floor boards.
 My mom even got into it helping trim the floor boards
 Team Schneider on the almost finished deck.
 The drip edge was the final touch to the completed it.
Now we have to wait for good weather and a weekend to coincide to put the yurt up.  Hopefully that happens before it starts snowing.  Keep you fingers crossed!