Eagle River Weather

Friday, July 17, 2015

Getting the Most Out of Summer

Alaskan Summers can sometimes seem very short.  Packing in as many activities into these warmer months brings out the manic side of our personalities.  Biking, hiking, rafting, and fishing have been the name of the game lately.

We found a new board walk and bike path to ride out by Portage.
 Leo decided that he wanted to pull the chariot for a mobile lemonade stand.  That idea was quickly forgotten and turned into chariot rides for Kaya
 The bike gang just finishing a ride out Eklutna Lake road.
 When the sun is shining, cooling off out at the mud flats offers a bit of relief.  The flats out past reflections lake in towards Palmer are a great one.  As Kaya demonstrates how muddy you can get.
 The kiddos sitting on top of Harp during our annual trek up that mountain.
 We continue to get as much time on the raft as possible.  Kaya snuggles with Nisha on the boat during another rafting/camping trip on Eagle River.
  We went to the Kasilof River to get our salmon for the year.  Nicki got to come this time and did pretty well netting those fish.
 We packed into Hanging Valley lake and spent a few nights.  We hiked above it and got the kids to cooperate for a nice family photo.