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Monday, March 26, 2012

Family news: We have another dog. The current doggy-o-tally-meter reading is at 4 doggies. Meet the newest member, Cinder.

Nicki has been out mushing about 3 times a week lately and was able to be volunteer dog handler for Iditarod. Doggypalooza around here. I even got the chance to go on my first solo mushing trip. Holy excitement. It's not skiing but it is the next best thing.
Speaking of skiing, 2 other stay at home dads and I got to go on a 20 mile ski trip going from Knik Arm to Turnigan Arm.

We also got to ski one of the mountains that we can see from our deck here at the new house. It's that point in the middle, covered in white, between the 2 trees.

Life has also been busy inside the house. I've been digging the permanent space and been making some fun changes. I turned a closet into a play house.

Put in a swing.

And made a train/lego/marker board table.

The kids have found a new love for following along with yoga videos. I don't think they are watching the same video.