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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

hiking and dog houses

Now that most of the snow is out of the mountains the hiking season has begun. Leo has impressed us all with how much more motivated he is to go long distances than he was last year. Here Leo is at the highest point of his second annual father son Mt Baldy hike. Required brownie in hand.

Nicki's parents were in town for awhile and we hiked with them for a little ways on their traverse of crow pass. Here's Kaya enjoying lunch at the pass.

Leo doing the same.

After they finished their hike, Nicki's parents watched the kids and let Nicki and I do the same traverse. Here is Nicki on our first backpacking trip since moving to Alaska.

Here I am testing how cold the water is.

Leo found this eagle feather on a recent hike. Sweet find, but there were a few tears shed about not being able to take it home.

Ranger is slowly making his transition to being an outdoor dog. We made a dog house for him this past weekend and he seems to be taking to it. Good Boy.