Eagle River Weather

Sunday, April 19, 2015

WOW! Almost a year.

Wow!  It's been almost a year since I posted anything here.  I guess Facebook kind of took over during that time, but now that I've deactivated my account it is time to do some occasional posts on the family Blog.  Here is a little photographic synopsis of  the highlights from the past 11 months.
Leo and Kaya are now hiking some bigger mountains.  Here we are on top of Harp which is a 2,600 foot climb over a mile and a half.  Nice work little guys
 Kaya participated in her first backpacking trip.  Here she is walking the 6 miles out and carrying her sleeping bag, water, and stuffed animal.
 We also did our first overnight rafting trip with our own gear and the kids.  Oma and Opa were great mentors for putting together this sort of trip.
 Nicki's brother and sister in-law came out for a trip and we made it out to a new spot called Reed Lakes.  It's a fabulous hike out by Hatcher Pass if you ever get the chance.
 Both kids learned to swim this year.  Leo's having a great time looking at things under water.
 Leo continues to be a voracious reader.
 Despite the poor snow conditions this past winter we still got out quite a bit.  Both kids entered junior dog mushing events, this is Kaya.
We were able to do our, now annual, Manitoba Mountain Ski trip with 4 other families.  It was once again a fun and crazy kid fest with some back-country skiing mixed in.
My parents came up for spring break and for the fisrt time did not put them to work building something.  We had a lovely but cold time in Seward.
We also were fortunate enough to get a trip to Hawaii and enjoy all the things a warm sea has to offer.

The highlight for Leo and me was the opportunity to do a Night snorkel with manta rays.

I'll try and post here a little more often as fun things happen up here in Alaska.  I hope all is well with you.