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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween and Yurt Work

 The kids were diligent pumpkin carvers this year.
 Check out the Siamese pumpkin in the middle!
It's dark (until daylights savings) on the walk to school.  Getting to sled to school makes the trip a bit more fun.
There was  little teaser of snow last week.  We are hoping for a big dump to get the winter activities started.
While waiting for that dump, I have had lots of time to get things done on the inside of the yurt.  Here is the wall dividing the closets and workshop from the living area of the yurt.
 The stove is installed so we can actually get some warmth in there for working.
 A view from inside the work shop.
 Unfortunately,  this is what the living area of the yurt looks like.  We'll get it cleaned up.