Eagle River Weather

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Byers Lake 2011

We took our annual "spring" trip to a Byers lake public use cabin this past week. We really lucked out again with sunny warm weather.
Denali from out on the lake.

Kaya reading to Georgie in the cabin.

Leo driving the sled,

riding in the sled,

and taking a well deserved nap out in the rain.

We have made this trip 3 years in a row now, and you can tell by this video that his sense of fun really hasn't changed much, he is just more coordinated.

Compare that to this post 2 years ago (our first trip out there).

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fabulous March

March is always our favorite time of year around here. Lots of snow and lots of light. Here are some so-far march highlights.
Last week we were treated to a rare occurrence - the northern lights. It is the first display I have seen in the two and a half years we've lived here, and, WOW, it was a big one.

Finally made it onto the upper stretch of the frozen Eagle River. I brought my new neighbor and fellow "stay at home" dad with me, and boy was he excited!

Here is our now traditional Nicki high-fiving a musher photo at the Iditarod restart.

Created a new-to-us sport called parentjouring or parents pulling their kids on skis.

Another proud papa moment. Leo is getting pretty savvy on those skis of his.

Don't worry. If Leo ever gets hurt our live in doctor, Dr. Kaya, is here to help.

And, I finally got around to making a yurt puzzle.

Whoosh! Third of the way through this month; lets see what else we can make happen!