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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The General Idea and Location

Nicki has been accepted into the residency program at Providence Hospital in Anchorage. Instead of just doing it the easy way and buying a house in town, Nicki and I are going to live in a tent 10 miles outside of Eagle River which is a town about 10 miles outside of anchorage.
The Eagle River Nature Center is about a mile up the road, and they have some pictures of the area on their web site.
We hope to arrive in Alaska on the 13th of June. When we get up there we will have to put together our Yurt (more about getting up there and the yurt later), move in our belongings, put together our IKEA furniture, and purchase our major appliances. Nicki will soon begin her new job and Ben will be taking care of Leo and Georgie and making the place more livable.

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