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Friday, June 13, 2008

Prince George to Anchorage in 4 Days

We finally made it to Anchorage on Thursday Night. Nicki and I were definitely ready to be done driving and start.......stressing about about all the things we need to do now. Can we be on the road again please? Here is what our 2nd through 5th days of driving looked like.

We spent the night at Meziadin Campground, Whitehorse, and Tok.

On the second day of our trip we had the chance to stop by the largest fly rod in the world. It was 60 feet long.

While pretending to fish with it I totally got called out by a grade schooler riding by in a school bus. He was yelling out the window, "Hi Tourist! Hi tourist! Welcome to Canada, it's a great country."
We also went to a place called Ksan by the BC town of Kitwanga. Ksan is a recreated First Nation village with its central focus on Totem Poles. You can see a picture of Georgie here checking out a pole:

Here is a picture of the mountains in the area with a burial structure in the foreground:

That night We camped by Meziadin lake, got demolished by mosquitoes, had pancakes for breakfast, and made friends with an Australian biking the Americas. This guy is going every where and you can check out his website at http://waynemaurer.net/. Unfortunately, his bike was broken and he was stranded at this remote campsite. Here Nicki is teaching Wayne how to play cribbage ad looking for mosquitoes:

We hope you made it out of there Wayne and maybe we will see you in Anchorage!
The next day we set out again and were rewarded with some beautiful mountains. The blurry spots are squished bugs on the windshield.

We saw about 3 bears along this section of road and 300 piles of bear doo doo. Tons of bears on the Cassiar Highway. Here we are visiting a small set of waterfalls.

Meziadin campground to Whitehorse was our longest day, 610 miles. When we got there we so desperately wanted to stay in a hotel and not worry about setting up our tent. What we did not know is that White horse is a bus trip destination for tourists arriving by cruise ships down south in Skagway. No hotel vacancies anywhere. Luckily we found a nice campsite near by. Here is a picture of it at 1:00 in the morning. Yup, it is still light out.

On our way to Tok, Alaska, we stopped at a national park in the Yukon called Kluane. We took this opportunity to do some hiking and were rewarded with views like this one:

The actual Yukon does come in color, it is just a black and white photo. A short while later we finally made it to Alaska and spent our final night at an RV park in Tok.

On our final day of driving we didn't do much stopping because we jut wanted to be done. We did see some pretty awesome glaciers though and a few moose.

We are staying in some temporary housing in Anchora, waiting for things in Eagle River to be habitable. We have been spending our time getting organized and running to the airport to get family members. The yurt and household goods have arrived at the port and we will pick those up on Monday and hopefully be able to put the yurt up starting on Tuesday. Whoosh! Things are definitely starting to roll.

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Jason Slemons said...

i heard you guys made it thats awesome i cant wait to see the new digs in E.R. --jason