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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Quick Check In

We still don't have power or gas and only have a little bit of water. But progress has been made. The garage has been sheet rocked and will hopefully be ready for painting early this week. We have a gas heating and cooking stove installed, though we still have no gas coming onto the house. All of our furniture has been moved in and we were able to have our first meal at a table in the yurt.

We also now have a resident great horned owl "who" likes to hang out on the trees right beside us. Even when we can't see him we hear him hooting all the time. Here is a picture taken from the yurt.

The mountains around us have had a few snowfalls as well. Don't worry it has only been on the mountain tops. Although we got pretty cold last night, especially by morning. We hope to have heat soon. Here is a picture of the mountains to the south of us.

So I've been growing out my Alaskan mountain man beard.

But sadly, I couldn't take it any more and broke down and shaved it all off. Now I'm cold and the mosquitoes are attacking me.

The power company has promised us electricity by the end of this month and that means the middle of this week. A working fridge sure would be nice. When the garage painting is finished we can start moving stuff into it. This means we will be able to move things out of storage and get the yurt more organized, it has a lot of random construction things inside of it that need to go to the garage. This hopes to be a week full of all sorts of great progress!

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