Eagle River Weather

Monday, November 24, 2008

Snow, Birthdays, and Thanksgiving

The snow has been falling fairly steadily here. Lot's of play time out in the snow for every one.
Here is a picture of skiing along the frozen Eagle River

Playing outside with the dogs. Notice the icicles dripping down the side of the yurt.

Snowy Yurt.

No two snowflakes are the same.

Leo and and his second birthday.

Thanksgiving Settlers of Catan.

I've been boarding down the driveway lately. Pretty Fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a fan of your site. I found you by doing a search for Yurts on google.

Your home looks beautiful. My husband and I are considering ditching the big house and doing the Yurt thing. I am thinking you are experts by now on the whole Yurt topic.

I am looking for the good, the bad, the ugly on how your adventure is going.

I love your photos, your family is beautiful and I am happy you are all living this dream. I remember how it was when our 3 children were young. I think you are WAY more brave than we ever were! Good for you.

Heather Young

Ben Schneider said...

Thanks for your comment! If you ever have any questions about getting started with a yurt, let me know. I'd be happy to help.