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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Icy Times at the Yurt

With temperatures deeply entrenched in the negative degrees (it has been hovering between -15 and -10 for about a week), ice has been taking hold on both the outside and inside of the yurt. While temperatures inside the yurt remain in the 60's, ice has been forming on any surface that even lets a little bit of the cold air in. The bottoms of the doors, and top and bottom of the wall, and the base of the skylight are affected areas. Here is a picture of one of our doors.

While not too much of a problem now, I'm not looking forward to having it melt and spread across the floor. Occasional interior ice removal missions have been executed.
The cold temperatures have also had an effect on our driveway. The spring, that runs along it and then beneath it through a culvert, has frozen solid and is now making it's way on top of the driveway. I'm calling it Schneider Glacier.

Again, while not much of a problem now, when this glacier advances for the next 3 to 4 months of winter, we may have a bit of difficulty getting in and out of the driveway.
Not that ice is all bad. It has some beautiful effects as well. The snow cave I built Leo has been a perfect place for very large ice crystals to form.

Crystals like these are also forming on the yurt any where air is escaping. Here is one of our wind flaps with a nice layer of feathery crystals.

I don't want to dedicate the entire post to ice, so here is a picture taken from our deck of a waxing half moon above a shoulder of Cumulus Mountain.

The night time skies are already brightening with the approaching full moon. It should be clear and cold, excellent photo opportunities. Hopefully, my next post will have had some warmer temperatures (+20's), pictures of the yurt in moonlight, and, dare I say it, in the sunlight. :)

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