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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at the Yurt

We had a great Christmas this year with Leo being aware of things like presents, Santa, and decorations. We were also lucky enough to share it with 2 of our Seattle friends and former Nature Center volunteers Steve ad Eve. Here they are with our friend Lia skiing up the Eagle River Rapids.

Eve is the speck on the left. Lia is in blue in the middle. And, Steve is the orange topped one on the right.
Here is Georgie cuddled up by the tree.

We had a similar shot of her last year with the tree in a different spot.
Steve and Eve forgot to bring their stockings, so here is Eve with our newly named "Alaskan Stocking." A mud boot. Steve got one too.

The most popular toy of the year.....A cork gun.

Once you become really good at it you earn your cape a goggles.

(Superhero outfit brought to you by S and E Ltd.)

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