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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Prep, Sleepy Moose, and and Young Super Stars

Nicki is well into her 8th month of pregnancy. We are just playing the waiting game now since the yurt is all set up for baby sister's arrival. Part of our preparedness was to empty out the pantry and create a baby closet. The crib had to be taken apart to fit inside and there was about an inch to spare on either end when reassembled.

I also set out to build a bassinet. The first step was to find some quality building materials. I acquired some hot pink skis at a ski swap and wanted to use them for the side boards with the word "RADICAL" facing out.

But, the product manager (Nicki) axed the idea, knocked some sense into me, and I just used some birch plywood. The end product was probably a little more tasteful.

In wildlife news, Leo spotted a moose sleeping near our lower road and we spent some quality time looking at it and other things with binoculars.

The yurt and Leo received some exposure on the Pacific Yurt photo gallery. Follow the link and look at photo 29 (five over and 5 down) to see what I'm talking about. http://www.yurts.com/gallery/photo-gallery.aspx
Nicki and I are taking the stardom in stride, but I think Leo is letting it get to his head a bit.

Though, I think he needs to get lunch off of his face before anyone takes him seriously.


Jonathan said...

Oh man, those pink skis are pretty rad! I especially like the important "extreme" designation... When using them, one should be dressed like this.

Unknown said...

Dude, your poor kid is going to be agoraphobic, growing up in a pantry.


I am curious, what is your long term plan for sleeping space in the yurt? Will your kids eventually share the larger room (if there is enough room for that)?

Ben Schneider said...

We are going to be in the yurt for another 2-3 years. As soon as baby is sleeping through the night we will move her into our son's room and make bunks for them. We think there will be room for that. I guess it all depends on your personal take on "enough room."


Well, we are a family of 5, and have toyed with the idea of a 30 foot yurt... but there aren't many people out there making any attempt at it. You are the closest I have found so far ;-)

What happens after 2-3 years? are you building a house?

Ben Schneider said...

Our next pipe dream is to build a 30 ft frame panel (hard sided) yurt as a living/kitchen area and then connect our fabric yurt to it as a sleeping area.