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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Baby Routine, Kaya Faces, and a Weird Brother

We have been getting into the swing of things with baby Kaya. We have been thrown back into diaper changes, feedings, and constant soothing. Despite extra hospital trips the second one has been an easier lifestyle adjustment than the first. Here is Nicki multitasking by reading a book to two kids while nursing Kaya at the same time.

So far She has been a great sleeper.

Also true to form, we have been slacking on taking pictures of the second child. Yesterday we made an extra effort to capture some Kaya moments.
Here is our beautiful walleyed baby. Don't worry girl, they will straighten out eventually.

Cheeky little thing is already making faces at us.

Does she look a little nervous in this photo?

Well, you would be too if Leo was your brother.

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