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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Outside in May

May was a great month for getting outside and enjoying some fabulous weather. I had another Mountain Mama sighting out along Turnagain arm during our first hooligan fishing expedition. Yes, she is dip netting with Kaya on her front.

With our fiends, who let us tag along on the expedition, we caught about 170 of the 8 inch fish. Lots of fun and good eating.
We were visited by a moose while setting up the tent for our first deck camping trip of the year.

We spent lots of time lounging in the sun. This beach on the Eagle River is a fantastic one before the weather gets too warm and the river level rises.

Leo made his first unassisted assent of Mt Baldy. He walk up the steep trail all by himself. Here he is (dirt and all) with his summit brownie (the big motivator for getting to the top).

That was Leo's new camera smile. It comes standard when ever you ask him to smile for a picture.
Kaya is of course proud of her big brother.

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