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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dog Sledding Family

After its much anticipated arrival Nicki's dog sled has arrived.

It coincided with a slightly lighter schedule for her, so she has been getting out with it every chance she gets. Here she is with a kiddo riding in the sled bag.

Talk about hard core. We stayed a night in one of the nature center yurts and here she is with Kaya on the back, Leo on the front, and a fully loaded sled. Talk about a bad (as in good) mama. The dogs are less impressed.

And, finally, here is a video of her in action.

If the video doesn't work here, here is a youtube link.

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Hallie said...

We so enjoyed our time at the yurts there at the nature center but we only id it in the summer! We were married at the ER nature center on New Years Eve 8 years ago, and there was a group of people that were hiking out tostay in a yurt I believe maybe one of the cabins. At the time I thought they were nuts but now I wish we had tried it! Thanks for sharing! I'm so jealous! :)