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Monday, August 20, 2012

Gravel Pads and Permits

The big job this past weekend was to get the gravel pad that makes up the foundation of the yurt laid.  The first step we did was to lay down landscaping fabric.
The fabric does 2 things.  I keeps weeds from popping up under the yurt and it keeps gravel from sinking down into the ground and disappearing forever.  The plywood you see in the photo was used to make a path for the skid steer to drive on without tearing the fabric.
Our gravel arrived and made a great play place for awhile.
 Leo helped move the gravel around.
 And here is the pad.
 We had enough gravel left over to re gravel the driveway and make a path from the house to the yurt
All the permits are now in order so we can start building as soon as time allows.  Let's hope we get it done before the snow flies.

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