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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Three Hours in the Life of a Yurt

There are some pretty dramatic clouds that move through the valley here, and I found a way to share them with you via a little time lapse photography. It is a windows movie file and is about 1 and a half MB. This is 3 hours worth of photos taken every 2 minutes and condensed into 30 seconds.

We have water now. Ah flushing toilets, hot showers, doing the dishes. All things I used to take for granted and probably will again very soon. It was pretty bad there for awhile there because the little water we did have shut off while we the new well was drilled. I had to makeshift a water trough with metal siding and bucket water into the house. Here is the system I made.

And here it is in artistic view.

The yurt is totally hooked up with utilities now. We will be putting in a washer and dryer in the garage when the painting is done, and we have some more shelving and cabinetry to finish. Alas our work is never done.

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