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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fire and New Words

Work on the yurt is going great. The last major thing to get done is the electrical work downstairs in the garage. After that it is just a matter of getting things done on my own time. I even had time to build a small fire ring the other day. Here are Nicki, Georgie, and our new friend Mike, from London, enjoying the fire.

Things have even quieted down enough that I took some time off from building to enjoy a little hike. Here are Mike, Georgie, and I enjoying the views just a few miles from downtown Eagle River.

And, what would be a blog post with out a little Leo info. The little bugger has begun talking quite a bit. Here is a video of all the very important words we have been teaching him lately.
It is not the best picture quality but you can get the idea.
Take care!

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