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Friday, September 5, 2008

Bikejouring, Fairs, Fish, and Ealges

Life in Alaska is steadily working toward the colder side. Yes, with the coming of the state fair is the going of summer. Leaves are beginning to turn color, air is getting crisp, and, oh man, before you know it (gasp) it will be winter. We have a few more things to take care of in order to get the yurt ready, like installing some more insulation and getting a standby generator for when the electricity goes out. Georgie is also getting ready for winter. She has a new skijouring training program which includes a new sport, bikejouring. No joke, that is the name of it. Here is Nicki reaping the benefits of Georgie's training.

At one point I had Georgie pulling me and I was pulling Leo in the trailer. The family train full speed ahead.

We also went to the Alaska State Fair and saw some of those famous giant Alaskan vegetables. Here are Nicki and Leo demonstrating the size of a cabbage (green thing in background).

And, yes, that orange thing in the lower right corner is a pumpkin. A thousand pound pumpkin. Also at the fair were reindeer. Even Santa gets the chance to win a blue ribbon.

Here is picture of Leo checking out the salmon spawning near the house. We have Sockeye and Chum salmon that migrate up the Eagle River.

Georgie rolled in a dead one while I was working trail crew in the park. It took 3 bathes to finally get the stink out. She loved it, the smell part I mean.

And last but not least we had the fortunate chance to watch an eagle release. A local group called Bird TLC rehabilitates birds and releases them back into the wild. This was a juvenile bald eagle and here is the video.

Wish us warm thoughts as we begin our decent into colder weather here. Yurt be good to us and hold your heat!

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