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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Leo trucks, Eagles, Sun, and an Old Movie

We had a bit more snow here over the past week, about 2 inches. Add a bit of sunshine and playing outside is a must. It struck me as somewhat unique that Leo uses his toy truck to dig in snow instead of sand. Uncle Andy should be so proud. I think my next project will be to build a snow box. Yeah...probably not. Here is Leo and his truck helping me shovel off the deck.

We were also visited by a bald eagle this week. This picture was taken from the deck of the yurt.

And, as you can see the sun is well above the mountains now. This picture was also taken from the deck.

Now, for something not from the deck. During our first couple of months of marriage Nicki and I made this ski movie. Unfortunately, during the shooting I didn't have the sound on for Nicki's interviews, but it made for some creative subtitling. It is kind of a big file (23 Mb) and about 6 minutes long.

Woosh! What a silly time. I thought you all might like a glimpse into when Nicki and I were a bit more hard core. :)

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