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Monday, March 2, 2009

Ram Valley

Nicki and I dumped the kid at childcare last week and completed a trip that we have wanted to do for a very long time. Looking up the hillside our yurt sits on you can see a snowy point. Here is a photo of it marked with a blue "A". Raina Peak is behind it.

I went up here in December with Nicki's parents but it was really snowy and visibility was bad. This time, however, it was a brilliantly sunny and windless day. Here is a photo of Nicki making her way to A point (not seen off to the right).

From the top we could look back down at the yurt. Many people have asked me if we have any neighbors. Well here is a photo of the yurt (centerish) and our neighborhood taken from A point.

While up there, Nicki got this fabulous shot of ranger jumping. Click on it and see if you can spot the cookie he is going for.

This is the view looking down river towards the town of Eagle River with the Knik Arm (water) and the Alaska range in the background.

And this is what it looks like looking up river. Raina Peak is on the left, Ram Valley further to the right, Cumulus mountain in the middle, and Eagle River Valley is on the right. Click o it to get a better view.

As the crow flies, a point is about a mile from our house. Nicki and I were driving in the car the other day and we made the astute observation, "We live in a yurt in Alaska." Sometimes it still feels strange and unbelievable. I hope you all get to visit some time and share this with us.


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing. How does the yurt cope with the cold? What sort of stove do you use, and do you do hot water?

A few questions sorry, but I'm saving for a yurt + land at the moment and I'm interested how others make them work.


Ben Schneider said...

We heat our yurt with a natural gas stove. We got down into the negative 20's F this winter and were able to keep the yurt at 65F. Our water heater also uses natural gas. I tried finding your e-mail on your website but couldn't. You can e-mail me at benjinds@gmail.com if you have more questions.