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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mountains, Ski Train, and Volcanoes

We have had an adventurous couple weeks here with lots of skiing, skijouring, and train riding. Here is a picture of me on my first splitboarding trip on top of Mt Gordon-Lyon. You can see the mountains above our house to the far left way in the background.

I also had the opportunity to get on board the annual ski train. It's an event put on by the Anchorage nordic ski club. About 500 skiers climb on a train, travel 130 miles to a spot off the road system, ski for 3 hours, and then get back on and go home. To top it all off they have a live polka band.

The car I was seated on was a bit of a wild one. Here are some happy passengers at 10:00 am.

Thankfully, the ride back was a little more subdue. Between the party on the way up and skiing, I think some of them were a bit worn out. Here is a picture of the unloading of the train and people getting ready to ski.

Here is the engine with people enjoying a bonfire (behind the mound of snow.)

As many of you have probably heard Mt Redoubt has been causing some commotion around here. I was able to take a picture of it from South Anchorage just after sunset. The picture is of a steam plume erupting a few days before the bigger eruption.

All for now.

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