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Thursday, April 23, 2009

April Happenings

The snow has finally left the yurt property. There are only a few more patches left where the winter plowing piled it up high. Getting Leo outside is much easier without having to bundle him up in 5 layers. Here Leo is roasting a hot dog in our fire pit out back.

He loves roasting them but absolutely refuses to eat them. By the end, this makes for a very full papa.
The inside of the yurt has been full of music and dancing. Here we are at another refined and somber Schneider meal.

Besides listening to music from inside the yurt, we have also been listening to woodpeckers. They have moved in with force (sometimes 3 on a single tree) and we hear them knocking all day long. One has even taken up residence and is pecking out a home in one of our trees.

I'm still busy making puzzles. Here is one that I gave to the nature center auction. It depicts the view of the valley from our house.

Even though the snow is gone from the house we are still out there enjoying it. Here is a picture of a parasailer we saw on a recent cross-country ski trip. It seems Eagle River is a bit of a hot spot for this sport. I recently saw 10 of these guys floating around at one time.

We are doing our best to squeeze in some back-country skiing before the snow leaves the mountains. Nicki and I got out with a few friends for some fun, earned turns.

Here is Nicki enjoying a break at the top with her doggies.

Bye for now.

1 comment:

lia said...

Nice puzzle, Ben!
Yay for longer days in Alaska! I hope Leo can continue practicing his rolling technique, though, even without the snow, it is important to time the "Whee!" with the approach and evasion of tree wells.