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Friday, May 8, 2009

Landscaping, Marauding Moose, and Leo the Robot

With the snow gone we have come to realize that the bare ground around the yurt is quite unattractive. Our solution? Landscaping. We have been busy spreading grass and wildflower seed and making rock pathways. We have some plans for some flower boxes and a small vegetable garden. Here is a picture of the new rock pathway leading from the yurt deck to the shed.

We also did some more work on our fire pit to make it more permanent and better lined with rocks. Some how I manages to landscape the number 6 into our yard.

Right by the shed you can also see a sand(rock)box we made for Leo.
The leaves are returning to the trees for their short growing season. They will be all gone again by late September. Here is a picture from the deck with the greening trees and low lying fog (also a strictly summer phenomenon.)

There are a lot of moose about now. They are having a great time nibbling on the willow and alder buds. We were woken up one morning by Georgie's loud barking to find this guy hanging right outside our window.

Leo and I had to run away from one the other day while we were playing in the driveway. I was clearing brush and Leo playing in water of the culvert and a moose decided to amble on towards us. The dogs were out so after I got Leo inside I had to round up the dogs who were attempting to round up the moose.
Oh, and speaking of Leo, the rumors are true. He has officially turned into a robot.

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