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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Visitors, Hikes, and Veggies

Our good friends Steve and Eve have come up from Seattle to work at the nature center for the summer. We are super excited to have them around for so long and got them quickly integrated into yurt life by roasting marshmallows out back.

Leo once again over does it with the marshmallows. Everything in moderation buddy.

Eve, Ben, and Steve out on a hike. Hey! We lined up in spectrum order! (look at our shirts)

The family hiked up to the top of Mt Baldy (just outside Eagle River) after a recent snow. Yes! in May.

Two and a half weeks after planting our veggies, things are going strong. We have squash, radishes, onions, sugar peas, broccoli, lettuce, collard greens, and carrots all coming up already. Go 24 hours of light.

We are looking forward to a busy summer of visitors, traveling, and of course harvesting

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meg said...

Hi kids! Glad to see you're prepping the little one for July on the coast! Keep those Marshmallows coming!