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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garden, Cabin, and Warm Days

We have been so fortunate to have had a few weeks of warm weather and it has caused a burst of outside activities. Building a garden was one of our big accomplishments. Here is a photo of our poor car pulling a trailer with 12 two-by-sixes and 2 cubic yards of soil.

Notice the rocks behind the tires? We were only able to make it half way up our driveway until we lost traction on some loose rock and started slipping backwards. After we removed the wood for the garden boxes we were able to get the rest of the way up. And now, here is a picture of our garden (the boxes).

The ground is so rocky that digging holes to fill with dirt is almost impossible. Also having them up in boxes helps keep them warmer during the day, which this time of year is almost always.
We also spent some time at the public use cabin on the nature center trails.
Here are Nicki and Leo enjoying time outside the cabin.

Here are Nicki and Leo inside the cabin.

Leo eating toasted marshmallows.

Our friend Danny who works at the nature center came out to visit us at the cabin and brought the Alaskan hiking essentials in her purse: Bottle of wine, bear spray, and wine glass.

Back at the yurt, here is a picture of the smaller members of the family enjoying the abundant sunshine.

And finally the view from the deck of the now extremely green valley.

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