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Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall is Coming and a Glacier is Near By

The salmon are in, trails closed due to high bear activity, the heat is being turned on at night in the yurt, and leaves are already starting to change color. Fall is just beginning here in Eagle River.
Another sign of this change in season is the fog. As it gets colder the water stays condensed longer and just hangs right above the river. Here is a picture of the yurt above the fog.

Rose bushes are one of the early color changers.

We recently had a gathering of friends at the yurt. Here is a picture of Leo showing off the Wiggles (an Australian kids' show) to his "big" friends.

Here is Leo wondering why his father has no concern for his safety.

I had yet another success in gaining a new perspective of the yurt. Here is a picture of the Eagle River Over Look from the yurt. It is the tallest point.

An here is a panorama from on top of the over look. The yurt is on the far left, Y, and Eagle Glacier is on the right, G. You might have to click on the picture to see the Y.

Eagle Glacier is about a 13 mile hike from the Nature center and about 14 miles from the yurt.
Finally, a nicer, though misty, picture of the glacier.

HEY! Where did the G go?


Naturelady said...

Great fotos!
They don't call it Eagle River Overlook for nothing -- what a view!!!

Anonymous said...

Salmon running, bears active, trails closed? Hope you have some bearless trails picked out for the old folks!