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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Big Sun, Ice Wedding, and a New Mountain

Bethel gave us a parting gift before we left, a glorious sunset visible from our front door.

The weekend after returning, we got to go out to the Matanuska Glacier where our friends were getting married. Here is Leo by the glacier.

But, they weren't just getting married beside the glacier, they were getting married ON it. it was about a half hour walk to where the ceremony took place. You can see the procession following the bride in this photo.

One of the bride's maids donned bunny boots for the trek out there.

Here is the family near where the wedding cerimony took place.

The dogs and I hiked up a new mountain. Mount Magnificent gave us yet another perspective on the valley. A little hazy still from forest fires but still incredible.

The dogs, Georgie and Ranger, had a great time too.

On the way back I spent about 3 hours collecting a gallon of blueberries. For those 3 hours Georgie spent the entire time eating berries herself. We were in constant competition for the best berry paches. I never knew a dog who could down so much fruit. I suppose I'll need to believe her when she is whining to be let outside tonight.

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Naturelady said...

I've never heard of a blueberry-eating dog before!