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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family, Berries, and a New Yurter

We just wrapped up a great visit from my mom and her friend Jeanette. One of the highlights was our awesome fall hike and blueberry picking trip. Here is a picture of our visitors and intrepid travelers still smiling despite the fact that I just made them climb 2000 ft.

On our way down we found a great blueberry patch and picked to our heart's content. Here is a picture of the view and the fall colors we enjoyed while picking.

Here is Ranger guarding our spoils.

Mom and Leo excited about berries!

And, it looks like Leo is going to have to share those berries next fall. Nicki is about 4 months along, due in early February, and it is going to be a girl!

Now we need to figure out where in the yurt we are going to put her. Time to change the floor plan!


Hallie said...

I so enjoy following your travels in AK...we miss it so much! Thanks for sharing your good news too! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Congrats on the new Yurter!!!

Lots of Love and Happy thoughts


Unknown said...

Gah! Congratulations! This is what I get for not following your blog, apparently. I only just found out that you guys are having a new baby. That's awesome! Does everyone else in Seattle know already? 'Cause I'll be seeing Dunes and Mona, at least, at Hanford, and I'll be telling them if you haven't already. Congratulations again.