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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lakes, the Fair, Musk Ox, and Banana Mobiles

I used one of my days off to go and hike up to Eagle and Symphony Lakes. These lakes are really cool because they are right next to each other but Eagle Lake is glacier fed and Symphony is not. So Eagle has this bright, opaque, blue color and Symphony is clear.

We also went to the fair. Here we are on the big slide.

Here is my blue ribbon puzzle.

Here is the blue ribbon cabbage. Almost 126 pounds.

My mom and her friend Jeanette are up visiting and waited for a long time to get on this Ferris wheel.

Leo after too much fun.

We also got to visit the musk ox farm in Palmer. Here is the beautiful 800 pound ox named "little man."

Always looking for new projects, Leo made a banana mobile.

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