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Monday, November 9, 2009

Nicki Takes a Baby Up a Mountain and a Snowy Yurt

Nicki had a few days off last week so we dumped Leo at child care and took off hiking. Lazy Mountain near Palmer was the destination and what a beautiful hike it was. Here is Nicki showing off her newest project half way up the mountain.

And here she is at the top looking back towards Eagle River.

Things have been cooling off and darkening around here. It hasn't been above freezing much in the last few weeks and we only have 2 weeks left before the sun disappears for the year. Here is a picture of some fractalish ice on the Eagle River (for all you former SOWers).

Last night we had about 6 inches of snow fall. I couldn't sleep with the sound of the snow sloughing off the roof so I went out and started taking pictures. Here is the yurt at 6 AM.

And a picture of the yurt a few hours later, after sun"rise."

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