Eagle River Weather

Monday, November 16, 2009

The River is ALMOST Frozen and the Yurt is Decending into Wintery Darkness

Today was our first day of the year that was entirely sub-zero temperatures. So, of course, it was time to get the skis on and go take pictures. Here is a picture taken from one of the bridges off of the lower Albert Loop.

The hoar frost (white flecks on the ice) is amazing on the river before the ice gets covered up with snow. Sections of the river are still not so frozen over. Here is a photo of one of those sections making a nice set of ice rapids.

Be careful out there if you decide to go. There is a lot of overflow going on and a few narrow ice bridges between flowing water to cross. In another week and a little more snow it should be awesome!
Here is the view of the mountains off of the big viewing deck.

Georgie with her ice goatee after a few miles of subzero romping.

Today was possibly the last clear day before we lose the sun completely, so I took a time lapse of the sun flitting behind the mountains. You may remember one from last year withe the yurt in the foreground. This one is from today, is the view off the yurt deck, and goes from 10:00 to 1:00.


Naturelady said...

I love the time-lapse photos of the sun hugging the mountains! I may send some of my friends/ German relatives over to your blog -- that's just what it looks like from my house, except that we got a few more trees in the way...

Jennie said...

Love the time lapse!

eve said...

These pictures take on a whole new meaning now that I know (and miss) the subject matter.

Rita said...

My husband and I have been following your blog for a while now--its great to hear your stories. We are planning to put up a yurt next spring for us and our three little ones. What are you using for insulation in the walls and how well does it stay warm with a stove running?
We are in northern VT, so not quite as chilly as AK, but not the South either.