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Monday, April 5, 2010

Family Trips, Easter, and a Worker Man

In a mad rush to take advantage of the final 2 weeks of Nicki's maternity leave, we took a couple family trips; one North, towards Denali and one South on the Kenai.
The Beyer's Lake public use cabin was our first destination. We stayed here on our way out to Fairbanks last spring. Playing on the frozen lake was a ton of fun especially when we found this snowman out there. We later found out that some family friends of ours stayed at the same cabin a couple of days earlier and had made it.

Nicki worked on the dogs for their up coming tandem aerial competition.

We took this nice family photo with Denali off to the left. Leo was off in the bushes somewhere and didn't want to be associated with us.

We made a quick stop at home for what might be the last snow fall of the year to stick.

Then off to Homer....after we navigated some avalanche debris. We had to stop while they were clearing the railroad tracks and highway of snow from a recent avalanche.

We spent time on the beach exploring. Here are Nicki and Leo contemplating some barnacles.

We took part in an Easter egg hunt with a few other families inside of an Anchorage greenhouse. It was way too much for our little 2 month old.

Speaking of 2 month olds. Here is her 2 month photo showing off that newly acquired smile.

As an Easter present I bought Leo his own set of REAL tools and made him a work bench. My Dad bought me my first set of tools and a tool box and it was really cool doing the same for Leo. Thanks Dad for starting a fabulous tradition.

Leo (and the chocolate on his nose) is pretty excited about it too.

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