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Friday, April 16, 2010

Kiddos, April snow, afternoon skiing

Well, it's happened. Leo is showing signs of developing an attention span. He has been working on wood projects for hours at a time. He especially likes the painting part. Here he is painting an ambulance block puzzle.

Kaya has been enjoying conversations with the other smaller female in the house.

April brought us a good snowfall making it a "winter" wonderland one last time this season.

Taking advantage of this snow fall I went out and did one of my favorite ski trips. With all of the sun we have this time of year I can get out after Nicki comes home from work, do this ski and be back in 3 hours.

Looking down from the top.

My tracks are the wide snowboard tracks in the middle.

On top of the second run there was some fun light so I stopped to take pictures of the models that always seem to follow me around on these trips.

Good bye winter. We will miss you!

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