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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunny to snowy

We had a wonderfully sunny fall with a lot of time spent out on our deck.

We are still spending time on the deck but the weather has turned and we are welcoming in the snow. Here is Leo trying to net it.

Our wildflowers always seem to be in bloom just as the snow hits.

First snow fall on the yurt. Nothing really stuck at our elevation.

But, it did up in the mountains.

You can tell Leo is excited. Kaya is a little unsure, and Georgie doesn't care.

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Unknown said...

what a cool blog! I am really enjoying the photos and the captions, as well as the tours of your house! I live on the southern coastline of New England (Connecticut) and am lusting over living in a more simplistic dwelling, on land more hospitable to solar electric & farming, etc.

Seeing a young family such as yours not only "making it" but also clearly enjoying life is an inspiration and gives hope to us all! :) I found your site via tiny-house-living.com.