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Monday, September 20, 2010

Camping Birthdays, Yurt Washing, Homer Trip

One of Leo's friends had a camping trip birthday party. Nicki was working so I took the 2 little one's solo. I was a bit nervous, but I had plenty of help from the other families in entertaining Leo. Here is Kaya enjoying some light reading and getting extra head layers from her brother.

We took advantage of the nice weather and gave the yurt its annual wash. Mild soap, washcloths, a mop at the end of a long stick, and a spray down with the hose was all it took. Here's Nicki making yurt washing look oh so good!

During a visit to Homer this past weekend we received a healthy mix of fog and sunshine. Here we are all bundled up on the beach.

An eagle decided to pose for us.

Nicki captured a sweet sunset shot on our last evening there.

Speaking of sunsets, it's harvest moon and equinox on the same day this year. Hope for clear skies!

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Rachel said...

Ben Schneider & Fam...I was just in ALASKA and drove from Fairbanks to Homer (in a day). I tried getting your contact info from RC, but with no success. Wow, what a beautiful place. Caught some Halibut in Homer, so I brought a little Alaska back with me too. Sad I didn't think of tracking y'all down before I got there. My sister just moved to Alaska this summer and it was a last minute trip for her 30th birthday. Hope all is well! RG