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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Driving Up to Alaska

After putting all of our stuff on the barge and giving Leo to his grand parents, Nicki, our dog Georgie, and I will be driving up to Alaska. Call it a little romantic get-a-way for the parents or a chance to regroup after the stresses of packing and before the stresses of unpacking. Either way it is going to be a lot of fun and the chance to check out a part of the world that neither of us have ever explored.

Here is the map of our proposed route. You can click on it if you want a larger view. The actual road is in red.

Here is how the basic rout will work
  • North on I-5 to Canada
  • North on I-1 (the Alaskan Highway) to Cache Creek
  • North on 97 to Prince George
  • East on 16 (the Yellowhead Highway) to Kitwanga
  • North on 37 (the Cassiar Highway) to Watson Lake
  • North again on I-1 to Alaska
  • North on 2 to Tok
  • South on 1 (Tok Cutoff) Glennallen
  • South on 1 (the Glenn Highway) to Eagle River

So, let's see that's 2,320 miles, divided by 60 miles per hour, divided by 8 hours of driving in a day..... That's about 5 days. Five days! (your welcome SOW) Oh, well. It'll be 5 days of fun and adventure. We plan on camping a lot and maybe staying in a few hotels. We have some hot springs we want to visit and we might even get a hike or two in. If you'd like to learn more about traveling (hint) or moving (hint, hint) up to Alaska check out this website: themilepost.com

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cat burns said...

Howdy (current WA) Neighbors - sounds like a FULL adventure ahead. We are exciting for you guys and look forward to the new posts for us to enjoy. I've always wanted to visit AK ....so maybe we'll take you up on the "generic" offer one day!

Cat & Jake Burns