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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Floor Plan

Due to some drainage and frost heaving issues that may have occurred beneath the ground of the yurt and caused damage tot he deck, we have been required to make a new floor plan. Instead of the yurt being half on the ground and half on top of the garage the yurt will now be almost entirely on the garage. There are some pluses and minuses to this new set up.

  • We will have an interior stairwell instead of an exterior one to get from the garage to the yurt, which means less construction.
  • We will be able to rotate the yurt so the windows are more south facing and facing out towards the valley instead of the hill.
  • Construction costs will be much less expensive


  • The yurt is going to be much more exposed to the wind which means we will need to put some additional bracing in place inside the yurt.
  • We had to rethink and re-coordinate the position of all of our utility hook ups.

Although it has been a little stressful coming up with a new plan, we believe this set up is an improvement from the last one. Here is the latest floor plan.

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