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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

IKEA Shopping

Nicki got off work early one day, so we set out to get our trailer for hauling our IKEA purchases home. The U-haul people found out the electronics for our hitch were not working and said they could fix it in about a half an hour. One hour later they said they could not fix it. *Sigh* So, we rented a truck and headed out to the store. By the time we got to IKEA it was already pretty late (almost Leo's bed time) so we took turns keeping Leo happy and finding the stuff we needed. One tired baby, two crabby parents, three friendly helpers, four hours, and five shopping carts of stuff later we were done and on our way home. We're glad that part of our IKEA adventure is over. The next one?...putting it all together. Luckily that can wait until Alaska.

A good portion of our furniture for the yurt will be coming from IKEA. Most notably will be our modular kitchen. This kitchen set up involves free-standing cabinets, kitchen sinks, and counter tops. The free-standing aspect will allow us to change the lay out of our kitchen if we need or want too. And, it will allow us to more easily move the entire kitchen when it comes time to relocate the yurt. We will also be purchasing our bathroom furniture, futons, curtains, and our lighting from IKEA.

Here are a few of the tings we bought:
Bar Stools (Recognize these SOW?)
Bar Table (kind of)
Kitchen Cabinet
Track Lighting

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